Active CitizenshipWhat Could it Achieve and How?

Active CitizenshipWhat Could it Achieve and How?

Bernard Crick and Andrew Lockyer

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780748638666

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press


This book gathers a group of political actors and academics who believe that a radically more active citizenship is a worthy aim. They spell out how it can be achieved in their particular area of concern, looking at the obstacles and how they might be overcome. Together, they show us how we can realise the dream of a citizen culture and the benefits that it would bring for democracy in the United Kingdom. The first and final chapters set the tone, respectively, on civic republicanism today and political identity. Other chapters consider active citizenship in relation to: Labour government policy; Scottish devolution; public services; gender equality; schools; multiculturalism; integrating immigrants; lifelong learning; Europe and international understanding; young people and Scottish independence.