Advances and Innovations in University Assessment and Feedback

Advances and Innovations in University Assessment and Feedback

Carolin Kreber, Charles Anderson, Noel Entwhistle, and Jan McArthur

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780748694549

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press


Notwithstanding widely-held claims that assessment practices in higher education are relatively static, our understanding of the purposes of assessment and the nature of assessment practices has changed markedly over the past forty years. These changes are a response not only to recent developments in our conceptualisations of student learning but also to the demands a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world places on students. This book contains new perspectives on assessment and feedback provided by world renowned researchers on issues that are currently of great interest to both academic managers and teaching staff, as they try to make courses more effective and more appealing at a time when universities compete for incoming students. Rather than simply sharing recent inventions in assessment and feedback, the contributors to this book highlight the linkages between these innovations and new theorising and/or empirical research on assessment and student learning, thereby offering practices that are not only pioneering but evidence-based.

Table of Contents


Noel Entwistle, Carolin Kreber, Charles Anderson and Jan McArthur

Part A Changing Perspectives On The Nature And Purposes Of Assessment

Part B Tudents‘ Perceptions Of Assessment And Feedback

4 Perceptions of Assessment and their Influences on Learning

Noel Entwistle and Evangelia Karagiannopoulou

5 Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Fairness in Assessment

Telle Hailikari, Liisa Postareff, Tarja Tuononen, Milla Räisänen and Sari Lindblom-Ylänne

Part C Reconceptualising Important Facets of Assessment

Part D Innovations in Assessment Practices